Indulge in a rich cold brew with an iced coffee maker

For that java jolt without the heat, caffeine can be imbibed at frosty temperatures. Cold brews are made possible with the help of an iced coffee maker. These cool devices are constructed to extract the best flavor-filled cup from delicious grounds and create the perfect chilly caffeinated beverage. To get your coffee fix and a little refreshment, we've collected the best variety of iced coffee makers.

Pitcher it

Takeya deluxe cold brew iced coffee maker

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Extract every delicious flavor from your favorite coffee grounds with this easy cold brew pitcher. This brewing essential is constructed of sturdy BPA-free plastic and features a mesh filter designed to house coffee grounds. The coffee filter steeps grounds when added to a water-filled pitcher. The brewing process is completed in the refrigerator within 36 hours. The caffeinated results can be served cold or hot for the tasty jolt you need. This pitcher also features an airtight lid for freshness and an easy-grip silicone handle for controlled pours. Depending on the quantity you need to get your coffee fix, there are several size options available.

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Must-have glass

OVALWARE airtight cold brew iced coffee maker and tea infuser

Brew coffee that gives you the chills with this cold brew iced coffee maker. This brew-mastering carafe is sturdy and dependable, crafted from temperature-enduring borosilicate glass. It's even detailed with measurement markings so you can pour precise cups. The carafe is fitted with a stainless steel filter and cap. The filter is the perfect home for your best coffee grounds, and the cap has an airtight silicone seal that maintains coffee for up to two weeks. With a coffee ground-filled filter and a little water, the brewing process will begin. Brewing is completed in the refrigerator in a 12 to 14-hour timeframe. Other notable features include an easy-pour handle and a non-slip rubber base. This carafe is available in 1 and 1.5-liter options.

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Go country

Country Line Kitchen cold brew mason jar coffee maker

Mason jars are known for keeping the tastiest preserves, why not tasty coffee as well? This cold brew machine offers that country flair, comprised of a 64-ounce Ball mason jar. To transform this generous jar into a brewing machine, it needs a stainless steel filter. The filter is constructed of finely woven mesh, ideal for steeping coffee without transferring grounds. The coffee maker is topped with a combination spout and handle, featuring a flip-open cap and an airtight silicone seal. Cold brewing is as simple as adding a ground-filled filter and water to the jar and steeping it in the fridge overnight. The lid, infuser, and jar are all dishwasher safe for simple clean up.

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Cold brew alterative

Maxi-Matic HyperChiller beverage cooler...