5 IoT Security best practices to consider after the Covid-19 lockdown

In short

Covid-19 is leading to a surge in IT, OT and IoT security adoption.
IoT Analytics published a comprehensive 123-page  report  detailing the $2.8B IoT Security market (2019), including current trends, technologies, and competitive landscape.
IoT Analytics suggests for organizations to particularly look at 5 IoT Security best practices after the Covid-19 lockdown: 1. Managing the asset inventory 2. Scanning for shadow IoT devices 3. Reviewing cloud security 4. Implementing “shift-left” security practices 5. Integrating security automation and AI.

Why it matters

Covid-19 has led to an increase in new cyber attacks
Corporate boards are asking their engineering, OT, and IT departments to improve and review their cybersecurity setup. Technology vendors and users alike should educate themselves on the new reality now.

Covid-19 is leading to an acceleration in worldwide cybersecurity adoption

While almost all industries and many technologies have experienced a drop in demand in the first months of 2020, the opposite is happening in the cybersecurity industry: demand is increasing. On May 21, 2020, one of the leading cybersecurity vendors, Palo Alto Networks, raised Q4 2020 revenue guidance. CEO Nikesh Arora said that in his view Covid-19 has led to an explosion of the attack surface and he believes “Covid-19 accelerated the [security] trends in the direction of integration, consolidation, and cloud transformation”.

“Covid-19 accelerated the [security] trends in the direction of integration, consolidation, and cloud transformation”.
Nikesh Arora, CEO at Palo Alto Networks

IoT Analytics already reported in April 2020 in the article titled “The impact of Covid-19 on IoT” how cyberattacks in general had increased throughout the first months of the Covid-19 crisis, and how it raised the importance of IoT security in light of the changing threat landscape.

This week, IoT Analytics published an in-depth 123-page market research report titled “ IoT security market report 2020-2025 ” which sizes and analyzes the $2.8B IoT security market (2019) in detail. For clarification: IoT security refers to the portion of the global cybersecurity market that deals with securing connected consumer and enterprise IoT devices that reside in (often cloud)-connected environments.

(Note: Pure on-premise/local networks as well as pure IT application and IT infrastructure security solutions are not classified as IoT).

Among other things the report looks at 20+ current IoT security trends and a number of other areas of interest such as cloud-based IoT security. This article highlights 5 of these areas that are particularly important for companies as they come back from the Covid-19 lockdown and look to secure their IoT devices and assets:

IoT security best practice 1: Revisit how you manage your asset...