Hiring in a Competitive Environment – How to Nail Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Hiring in a Competitive Environment

While the difficulties in finding a job make headlines regularly, the difficulties incurred in hiring talented individuals are highly underrated. Hiring in a competitive environment like today is tough. Gone are the days when the hiring process was controlled by the recruiters and the hiring organizations. The millennial generation, who contribute to around 35% of the global workforce¹, walk-in for a job interview with a set of expectations from the organization. The millennials make an informed decision, weigh choices and are in no rush to settle for a job or an organization that doesn’t resonate with their personal beliefs.

And as rare as talent is, engaging the talented employees to make them stick with the organization is a challenge by and large. Companies have to compete to score a good employee, just like employees have to compete to bag a job they like. Especially for startups and companies who are just gaining a foothold, hiring and retaining is as competitive as it can get.

There isn’t a full-proof formula to recruit and retain talent but a bucket-load of efforts that have to be implemented not just by the HR teams but by the organizations as a whole.

Here’s how you can perfect recruiting and retention of talent in a competitive hiring market:

Create and display an attractive culture

As much as we stress the importance of hiring for a cultural fit, building the company culture and living the culture on our end is equally important. Candidates today want to see the culture reflected in every process of the organization and not just on the flyers. They want ideals and social messaging that they can support and be a part of. Of course, all this while having a working environment they enjoy and feel excited about, every single day.

“Job search -love it to the heart.”, said no job-seeker ever! Candidates want the right organization where they can contribute and grow at the same time. Organizations can have a competitive advantage by offering an attractive work culture (and not just displaying it) to convince the candidates that this is the best place to be.

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A marvelous candidate experience

More often than not, what repels good candidates is a latent, non-responsive hiring process. A poor experience during the hiring process, both by the HR teams and the hiring managers displays a lack of respect, responsibility and seriousness and good candidates make a long-lasting impression of the organization, based on this.

If a job seeker faces a dilemma of choosing between two organizations, one that provides a smooth, well-communicated and quick process, and the other that is a rather ordinary, long and unwelcoming process; it’s going to be a very simple decision to take- in competitive hiring, you snooze, you lose!...