How Does CBD Affect Your Weight?

The current generation is gripped with the mindset that one’s weight defines one’s beauty and identity. People go to any lengths to lose weight and remain fit and in shape. Weight-loss is associated with being trendy and everyone from teenagers to young adults to old people wants to flaunt their thin n skinny bodies. People resort to various methods to reach their desired weight among which the most sort-after are regular visits to the gym, sports facilities and opting for diet-plans which give prompt results. In this article, we will discuss another option people have been resorting to lately –CBD, and how it affects one’s weight when ingested.

What is CBD?
CBD or cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant which produces over 100 cannabinoids that act as compounds found in the human body. They are referred to as ‘cannabinoids’ as they interact with our endocannabinoid system, especially when our body is deficient in the ECS or endocannabinoid system in one way or the other. CBD is a popular compound and is mostly made available as an oil extract for ease of use. It holds high value in the natural health realm as it holds several potential benefits. Researchers have found that though not directly but CBD does influence the ECS significantly. CBD can also be found in sprays, creams, lozenges and others. When used in moderation, this plant-based cannabinoid is known to have a positive impact on our health. Recent studies have shown that CBD also has an impact on one’s body weight. CBD can be purchased online or can be found in retail stores and those purchasing it for the first time need to verify the authenticity of the product and the source along with ingredients to ensure safety of use.
Effects of CBD On The Human Body
CBD is known to have various benefits associated with the human body. A lot of research has been done over this subject most of which have yielded positive results. When used in moderation and as directed by a healthcare expert, CBD is known to treat depression, induce better sleep, reduce and treat conditions of the heart and brain and reduce anxiety. It also provides relief from bodily ailments like swelling, aches and related discomforts by blocking pain signals from reaching various parts of the body. It has therapeutic properties as it contains non-psychoactive compounds. For this very reason, it helps in treating various forms of epilepsy and calms the brain and the nerves. Researches also claim that CBD helps to reduce the occurrence of nightmares and gets rid of negative memories which are common symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD in the medical psychiatric world. Recent times have seen an introduction of this compound in the world of weight-loss where experts have claimed that it reduced appetite in people considerably. Binge eating is a major factor that contributes to weight-gain and CBD has shown to alter the urge to do the same....