Useful Gadgets For The Post Pandemic World

The pandemic has rattled the world and has changed a lot of life as we know it. The current situation looks for us to change a lot of our existing habits. Technology being an ever-evolving field has helped us accommodate to the rapid changes of the pandemic and has allowed us to keep cope well by introducing essential gadgets that will make our post-pandemic experience a pleasant one.


Keeping the current pandemic in mind, Italian design firm Carlo Ratti Associati conceptualized an essential gadget called the Pura-Case which is a wardrobe purifier of sorts. The Pura-Case concept is Carlo’s vision of how the “new normal” of domestic life will look like post the pandemic as we regain our old social life. Carlo envisions the case being used in setups like offices, hubs, households, and eating outlets, specifically by individuals whose work demands regular contact with strangers.

It doesn’t use any water, instead, it uses ozone to remove bacteria and viruses from clothes and fabrics. The ozone released goes deep into the fabric, sanitizes it, and also removes the odour. The case inside is spacious where users can keep their clothes and close it with an air-tight zipper before starting the cleaning process.

The purification takes around one hour to complete. It can be done manually and can also be controlled remotely via the Pura-Case mobile app. The compact size means that the Pura-Case can easily fit its way into most home wardrobes. This one can be your most essential buy this pandemic.

Kent Vegetable & Fruit Disinfectant

KENT, a reliable Indian healthcare brand, is known for its innovative home appliances. Now you can wash your everyday fruits and vegetables with a vegetable purifier. Powered by the revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology, it works better than plain running water.

Ozone, when mixed with water, sterilizes the surface of fruits and vegetables and is a very effective way of getting rid of harmful pesticides and microbes such as bacteria, virus, and fungus.


Swiss virtuoso Yves Béhar has come up with an all-in-one strength training studio called  Forme . If you are a fitness freak missing the gym, Forme is here to aid you in your daily home workouts. Even after the lockdown, most of us will prefer working out indoors, at least initially. This six-foot-tall technology has a minimal footprint (one square foot) that solves the lack of space issue. It looks like a sleek mirror when not in use.

However, after activation, the machine comes to life with two hidden handles moving out for anaerobic exercises. Fancy working out with an instructor? Forme features an interactive display that allows an instructor to help you achieve your fitness goals like strength training, yoga, and dance amidst the pandemic.

Barsys 2.0

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