Resurrect Those Ancient Acorn Computers as USB Keyboards


The Acorn Electron, a budget-friendly home computer, created by Acorn Computers Ltd . was first released in 1983. While you may not be using a PC from the ’80s anymore, you can now create a new use for your Acorn Electron keyboard.
The Acorn Electron USB keyboard kit creates a keyboard that can be used with a PC or a Raspberry Pi. The creator and seller, Tynemouth Software , offers several different types of keyboard kits as well if you happen to need a different kind.
Why do you need a keyboard adapter for something that hasn’t been produced in several decades? Acorn Computers were based on the BBC Microbit and have a place in computer history. If you can find a non-functional model, this will let you connect it to a Raspberry Pi or other computer and use the original keyboard interface along with an emulated version of the computer itself. Or, you know, you might just want to hammer out your emails on it.
This product is a plug and go solution, and requires no additional drivers or software. Each kit includes the USB keyboard controller, fixings, and a USB lead. All you need to do is provide the keyboard, PC, or Rasberry Pi to get started on your next project!
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