We Tried Temperature Screening Cameras to Help Protect Our Team. Here’s What Happened.

If you own a business, help run a business, or are working for one, we don’t need to tell you that COVID had a massive impact on companies of all sizes. Facing public shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders nationwide, company leaders grasped for ways to protect the health and well-being of employees and customers without bringing business to a screeching halt.

Business security is an important part of what we do at Guardian Protection. And during the COVID shutdown, we had a pretty amazing experience using a life safety product at our own facilities that we now offer to companies: thermographic temperature screening cameras* .

We’re gonna dive into what happened below, but if you prefer, we also summarized this experience in a downloadable case study here.

Read Guardian’s case study on thermographic cameras Download

A little background…

Guardian is part of the Armstrong Group , a leader in the telecommunications, security, commercial development, electronics manufacturing, HVAC, and plumbing industries. After the unprecedented avalanche of COVID-19 shutdowns, all Armstrong Companies were immediately deemed essential businesses.

While many essential employees needed to remain on-site — for example, here at Guardian it was critical to maintain our 24/7 professional monitoring operations — those who could work remotely were instructed to do so to limit the spread of COVID.  

The Armstrong Group culture is just like the one we value so much here at Guardian: Collaboration, community involvement, excellent customer service, and a priority on safety above all else. We needed to:

1. Continue to provide our customers with awesome service.

2. Protect the employees who remained on site.

3. Eventually bring our full workforce back in a safe and responsible manner.

A meeting of the minds

Determined to meet the challenge head-on, Guardian Protection and all of the Armstrong Group companies banded together like the Justice League. We established a cross-functional COVID response taskforce and poured a great deal of time, research, and strategic planning into establishing health and safety guidelines based on location- and the job-specific risks.  

But we wanted to do even more. This unique situation was going to require a unique solution. So we did what we do best — stepped outside the box and discovered a new technology solution: Highly accurate thermographic cameras (thermo cameras).

What are thermo cameras?

Thermo cameras are a simple and inexpensive way to do preliminary temperature screenings for employees. They use advanced algorithms to accurately detect a person’s surface body temperature within seconds, and quickly notify owners of any out-of-range temperature readings with an audible alarm.

Thermographic cameras can operate on their own, so operating one...