What’s the Difference Between Keto and Atkins?

Atkins and Keto diet is among the best-known low carb diets. Both of the diets are focused on reducing the high carb foods like sweets, sugar-containing drinks. Dairy products, grains, legumes, potatoes, etc. Though the aim of both diets is similar the eating plans, restrictions and allowed intakes of food are different from each other. These differences affect the overall result because of the varied timing, carb extension effects on the body.
But both the diets are considered to be similar in many ways yet have few differences that draw a thin line between them, and it becomes difficult to choose the one which would be a better fit, nutritionally. The difference is drawn based on the food type inclusions in the respective diets, its potential benefits, and effects on the body.
Before going towards the final verdict on the differences and similarities of the Keto and Atkins, let’s first understand what both diets consist of and their benefits.

The Keto diet
The Ketogenic or the Keto diet is a high-fat, low-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. Originally this diet was developed to lower the risk of seizure. But now it is being considered as one of the effective ways to control blood sugar levels and treating Diabetes.
Keto-Friendly foods are mainly focused on healthy fats and lean meats, and supplementing it with the fruits and vegetables in moderate amounts to keep the carb intake low.
Keto diet consists of food like eggs, seafood, lean meats, healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, Green leafy vegetables, antioxidants foods, etc.. At the same time, it strictly restricts food like bread, pasta,p potatoes, sugary, processed, and starchy foods.
Keto Goal and how does it work
Keto diet promotes low carb food. Primarily the body’s source of energy is glucose, and through this diet, carb intake is lowered. The body is induced in the state known as Ketosis, a state in which the human body produces Ketones in the liver—thus breaking down the fats to be used as energy.
Once this is achieved the goal is to maintain this metabolic state of the body where the body is not starved for calories but carbohydrates.
The Atkins diet
Similarly, like the Keto diet, Atkins also focuses on lowering the carbs intake. Atkins is also considered as one of the effective ways to weight loss by lowering the carbs and increasing the proteins and fats intake in the regular diet.
Atkin promotes foods that are high in proteins and fats. Atkin has food options for losing weight without eating meat or even if you are a vegan. Atkins food is similar to Keto like Meat, Poultry, seafood, eggs, butter, oils, cheese, etc. It also has the same restriction on the food as Keto.

Atkin Goal and how does it work
Atkins is divided into 4 phases. It can be chosen based on two paths, i.e., Atkins 20 and Atkins 40, based on the grams of carbs you should be eating per day....