9 Tips for Working From Home

Having worked from home over the past 20+ years the Corona Virus crisis hasn’t had a huge negative impact on my daily work. However, I realize that for the vast majority of people that are used to getting up and going out of the house to an office or place of business each day, this could be quite jarring. Couple that with having small children out of school, elderly parents and pets to take care of while you’re trying to remain productive and positive could be a bit much.
Here are a few tips to make it a little better working from home
Tip 01 – You Don’t Have to Feel Isolated

You can still connect with your co-workers and clients virtually. There are several solutions in place to make it easy to not only stay connected with people but also see their faces and even their presentations. Zoom.us Video Conferencing allows you to connect with just about anyone inside or outside your organization and they even have FREE plans. Their FREE plan offers an unlimited number of 1 to 1 meetings as well as group meetings up to 40 minutes each. You can share your webcam, audio and screen to share your presentation or work.
Tip 02 – Learn New Skills and Connect with the Community
Distance learning – now is a great time to brush up on your skills. Get that certification that you’ve been meaning to get if only you had the time. There are several online classes and lectures that you can watch to take your mind off what’s going on in the world while you learn new skills. I’m live streaming weekly on Adobe Live , where you can learn all things creative. Joining a live stream has the added benefit of connecting with the presenter and other creatives in real-time.
Tip 03 – Step Up Your Home Video Conferencing Setup
There’s no telling how long this global pandemic will last and working from home could go on for a few weeks or a few months. That being the case you might want to up your video conferencing game. I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that most people on your calls are in a variety of different rooms/settings where the lighting is probably not optimized for being on camera. The other thing you’ve probably noticed is that most people are looking down at the laptops because that’s where the screen is. It’s also usually where the webcam is, down and pointing up. This is not the most flattering angle ?. You can solve this in a couple of ways:
First I’d recommend raising your camera to eye level . This is harder to do with the camera built-in to your laptop, but it’s not impossible. Simply raising your laptop up by putting it on a stand can make a big difference. However, I’d really recommend a separate webcam that you can put either on top of an external monitor (like the one you grabbed from the office) or even on a small tripod/stand . This camera is an excellent camera that doesn’t break the bank, works on Mac/PC and is compatible with virtually all video...