How Sunwave is Reducing the Cost of 5G

5G will enable numerous smart applications such as virtual reality, automatic lighting, self-driving cars, and many more.
In order to realize the promise of 5G for applications such as industrial manufacturing, telemedicine, autonomous driving, and more, it’s necessary to transform 5G architecture into standalone networking.
But rolling out 5G networks can be costly. For 5G to achieve the same coverage as current 4G networks, it will need at least 3 – 4 times the number of existing 4G base stations. However, the current price of 5G base stations is about 3 times that of 4G. And as more and more devices and users connect to 5G base stations, more and more data will need to be processed, and more and more costs will arise.
Reducing the Cost of 5G with Sunwave
Sunwave is helping operators significantly reduce the cost of 5G by launching a new model of joint construction and neutral host sharing. This new model shares network access, core network construction, and 5G frequency resources to improve network speeds and realize better 5G experiences.
Since it can be difficult to find a site, construct, and maintain network infrastructure, Sunwave suggests that third-party integrators should be used to coordinate and build shared virtual, flexible, and general indoor systems.
Not only can this accelerate construction and help operators reduce deployment costs, but it can also allow more enterprises, factories, shopping malls, and other stakeholders to participate—thereby stimulating new business models and innovation.
Sunwave’s new network sharing model has been successfully deployed in major venues around the world.
Sunwave has established a joint working group of national host (NH) co-construction and sharing in order to expand the new market and opportunities of 5G. In doing so, Sunwave can promote the successful implementation of pilot offices and regional projects to create replicable 5G product solutions.
Indoor Wireless Coverage Solution from Sunwave
As a leading supplier for mobile network construction, Sunwave has launched the 5G Sunwave Crossfire N2RU platform. The N2RU is dedicated to improving indoor wireless 5G coverage.
N2RU supports multi-operator, multi-system hybrid networking and integrated Wi-Fi with frequencies up to 3800 MHz. A single N2RU unit can support 4T4R dual-frequency, 2T2R four frequency, or 1T1R eight frequency alongside TD-LTE and 5G NR TDD time slot detection.
The Sunwave CrossfireN2RU supports 2G/3G/4G/5G joint networking, and each channel provides 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth with a maximum power output of 20 dBm. Each channel supports internal or external RF antenna access as well as 5G and CPRI baseband signal access.
By reducing the costs of network infrastructure and enabling the smart applications of the future, Sunwave is your trusted partner in unlocking the...