How do I find the best cell phone repair store near me during the times of Corona?

D id you accidentally break your Cell phone screen? Were you in a hurry while going downstairs or playing inside your house with your kids? Or did you water damage your phone by unknowingly dropping it inside the bathtub, Pool? OR You’ve been facing any internal software or hardware issues with your mobile, but don’t know what’s the best phone repair store to go that ensures both your personal safety and quality repair service?

If ‘Yes’ , Worry not! In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know in order to find the best cellphone repair service near your location. 
So, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it!
First thing first, you should identify whether the problems you’re facing do actually need a repair. Some of the common problems like black screen , a frozen screen, slow or faulty wifi, lagging phone, etc. can be solved at home itself. But, if you still want to know if your phone needs a repair, check out our blog here .

That being said, how do you find out the best store?
Below, we’ve laid down a few things to do before you zero down on any store:
Do your homework: Carry out research yourself online to find the best mobile repairing stores available in your vicinity.
Checkout their Services: It’s important to know what the services the Store is offering to set a realistic expectation before you decide to make a visit. 
Charges & Repair time: What are their charges & how much time do they take to carry out a repair for your broken phone. 
Service warranty: See if they offer any after service warranty on the repair. 
How far is the location: Opt for a store which is not far off from your place or offers Mail-in  repair service.
Safety measures: During the times of these pandemics, it’s equally important to check if the device repair store is ensuring the necessary safety measures  to prevent the spread of Corona or not.
Now every renowned brand like  Apple ,  Samsung  have their own authorized service centers where you get good services with genuine parts & accessories for the repair; however, there is a downside to it like expensive service charges for the repair, etc. 
But what if I tell you that at ifixScreens, you get all the things as listed above & much more. Let’s find out why ifixScreens is one of the best cell phone repair stores in the USA.

Experienced Staff: We have highly skilled & certified technicians to offer the best quality repair for your devices. 

All smartphone Repair : We have in-house technicians offering repair services for all the major brands in US like iPhone, Samsung, Motorolla, HTC, Lenovo, Google, Sony & more. 

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