Huami Launches Amazfit Zenbuds With Sleep Monitoring Via Indiegogo Crowdfunding

Huami has finally launched the Amazfit Zenbuds Truly Wireless (TWS) earbuds for the global market via Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.
The Zenbuds was first announced at the CES2020 in January this year alongside the Powerbuds, T-Rex smartwatch and Amazfit HomeStudio treadmill.
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In recognition of its innovations in smart wearables, Amazfit ZenBuds won Red Dot in the Red Dot Design Award 2020. It has been also honored by media as one of the best with its special and innovative product design, says a press release .
As sleep and relaxing aid, Amazfit ZenBuds is equipped with Knowles Balanced Armature which guarantees advanced quality acoustics. The smart earbuds use a wide library of natural, sleep-inducing sounds to create soothing white noise that helps cancel out distracting sounds. From bubbling brooks to serene forests, curated sounds trigger the sleep cycle and make sure easy sleep. After the Smart playback is turned on, the soothing sounds can automatically pause playing once you fall asleep.
The Amazfit ZenBuds record your sleep positions, heart rate and the quality of sleep. You’ll wake up each morning and get insights that can help you create better habits. The breathing exercise feature helps you relax and calm your mind after a busy day.
The earbuds weigh only 1.78g per side, and they have been extensively tested for secure fit without feelings of swelling. Each earpiece is firmly braced against the outer ear, preventing them from slipping out as you move. They also come in four ear tip sizes.
Long Battery Life Supports All-day Relaxation
A fully charged pair of Amazfit ZenBuds can last for 12 hours when you preset the playback duration. Or if you prefer to have serenade all night, you can switch to an Unlimited duration for a full 8 hours of sleep-inducing sounds. With the charging case, you can get an additional 56 hours, allowing up to 8 nights of use on one charge. That’s the recommended target for a good night’s sleep.
Image: Huami Made for New Healthy Lifestyle
Amazfit ZenBuds don’t just focus on helping you achieve the perfect night’s sleep – they block out distracting noises and wake you gently with a personal alarm that increases gradually and doesn’t disturb anyone around you.
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The ZenBuds help you to organize your time better and with the Pomodoro Timer (PT), allowing to stay focused for 25-minute stretches. Take a short break, and they will help you get right back in the zone by blocking out sound and playing the right sounds to keep you on track. The incoming call notification makes sure that you don’t miss an incoming call in the midst of your “zen-zone.”
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