7 Ways To Manage A Remote Team

COVID 19 pandemic has shaken the whole globe. During this pandemic, mostly all enterprises(small to big) adopted remote working for employees and clients safety.
In initial days when the lockdown was announced, many companies have faced various sorts of issues while managing to work from home (WFH) even still few of the organizations are facing the same problems. 
Challenges In Managing Remote Team
A remote team is a group of experts from different time zones, distinct skills and different cultures working unitedly on a unified project.
Currently, all small, moderate, big enterprises are focusing on adopting remote working as this is beneficial for current and upcoming time.

As per the survey, it has been found that 82% respondent said that they experience less stress.
As per the Harvard Business Review, 87% of respondents feel more connected via remote working.

When the team works from the office, then it requires less management effort as a comparison to remote working. While managing the remote team, many challenges come across, and some of these challenges are related to:

Lacking the top communication tool
Hiring the correct resources
Lacking accountability program
Noticing everyone’s time
Unclear roles and tasks
Lack of schedule 
Unmanageable employee tracking
Lack of conversation within the team

What Is The Biggest Advantage of Remote Working?
Statista stated that in 2020, 32% of respondents said that flexibility is one of the most significant benefits of remote working. 
Flexibility not only helps employees, but it also benefits the organizations now you might be thinking how? Well, when the employees are given work flexibility, then they try to complete and deliver the task on time, and this finally increases business productivity.

Statista stated that in 2020, 83% of the respondents are full-time remote workers, while 6% of them are small enterprise owners.
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7 Significant and Efficient Ways To Manage Remote Team
If at some point, remote working is useful then similarly, it also has few drawbacks like it requires perfect management, and this helps you to manage a remote team.
When the employee of the company will do productive work, then only you will be able to boost the business growth, but for that, it is indispensable to manage the remote working properly. You should do a proper module to manage the remote team and work. I have mentioned a few ways that will help you to manage the remote team. 

Proper Checkment On Punch In and Punch Put Out
Make Use Of Modern Technologies
Don’t Bring Communication Gap
Make Sure that Your Team Is Satisfied