HB Helps St. Vincent de Paul Reach An At Home Audience

We recently wrote about how our broadcast streaming bundle allows you to reach a wider audience through streaming to your site, Facebook Live, or YouTube. As organizations, educational institutions, and houses of worship seek to reach people in their homes, they look to incorporate simple, easy to use systems with their preexisting technology to stream live. We worked with St. Vincent de Paul Church to do just that.
St. Vincent  sought a broadcast streaming system to feed their preexisting streaming website portal. HB installed a system that included an Epiphan All-in-One Video Production system which includes Broadcast I/O, built-in reference monitor, and recording and streaming capabilities. An AVercam PTZ tracking camera was installed on the back wall of the church orientated towards the pulpit as the main and only camera in the system.
The Epiphan All-in-One unit provides streaming capability to the church’s website browser as well as Facebook Live and, or Youtube. A built-in Epiphan Reference monitor will be used to monitor the live broadcast stream. The all-in-one unit will serve as the broadcast system controller and will provide feed switching capability as well as recording and streaming functionality.