Clean it up with the best toilet paper

Super soft, super strong, 2-ply, 4-ply, or quilted, how do you know which toilet paper to choose? This fancy paper product can be costly so it is important to find which kind or which brand of toilet paper will leave you feeling clean and comfortable. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper is super soft, affordable, and absorbent.

Best Overall: Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

Not all toilet paper is created equal. Finding the right fit for you is often easier said than done. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper manages to do everything you need it to do and more which, ensures you won't always be running out of toilet paper at inopportune times.

Charmin has a variety of different toilet papers out on the market, but their ultra-soft option is the best available. On top of being soft enough that it won't irritate sensitive skin, it is also way more absorbent than the competition. This means that you don't need as much toilet paper as you might with other brands. Since Charmin also puts out a mega roll, you'll be able to pick up toilet paper less often and get more bang for your buck.

All together this makes Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper the best possible product available. It's highly rated, it's affordable, and it's comfortable to use. If you want a top tier product that will ensure the highest amount of hygiene, this is the toilet paper to choose.


Mega roll provides more sheets per roll
Soft and easy on your skin
More absorbent than the competition


May be too fluffy for some folks comfort

Best Overall

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

$31 from Amazon

Soft and strong

Be gentle on your skin with this super soft and excellent toilet paper.

Best Value: Scott Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a necessity of modern life. However, it can often be an expensive necessity and one that needs to be purchased on a regular and consistent basis — because of that, finding an affordable brand becomes key. Scott Toilet Paper is the absolute best choice for folks on a budget, mainly because each roll has 1000 sheets. On top of that, you can find it in bulk packages with up to 80 rolls in a case. That makes it an excellent choice for both at home and ordering for the office.

There are two drawbacks to using Scott though. This toilet paper is 2-ply which may be a bit rough or thin for some folks. In those cases, you'll want to double up how much you use or opt for a higher ply roll. However, because there are 1000 sheets in each roll, this may not be a huge issue for everyone.


Super affordable
1000 sheets per roll
27 rolls in a pack


Only 2-ply
May be too rough for some people

Best Value

Scott Toilet Paper

$32 from Amazon

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