Issue 62, July 2020: Nanodiamonds-markets and players, recent COVID-19 nanotech developments, latest nanotech product news, latest graphene product news


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Published July 8 2020, 28 pages
P. 4-10 Nanodiamonds

Company activity.

P.10-16 Recent nanotech COVID-19 product and research news
P. 17-21  Nanotech research and product news. May-June 2020

P. 22-28 Graphene product and production news. May-June 2020


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Issue 61
An expanded issue that looks at current nanotech solutions for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic including diagnostic testing, facemasks, coatings, PPE and air filtration (indoors). Also covered in this issue is ongoing research, products, product and commercialization in other nanomaterials, graphene and carbon nanotubes.

Issue 60
An expanded issue that looks at future efforts to mitigate the current pandemic. Namely, the use of antimicrobial and antiviral nanocoatings, which is light of the current situation should be rolled out on a global scale over the next couple of years. Cost has traditionally been viewed as a significant hindrance to their use, especially in healthcare environments, both in terms of the cost of the coatings themselves and cost competitiveness versus traditional coatings. However, the colossal economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic should render the cost issue irrelevant if public health authorities wish to fully mitigate future public health emergencies. This issue also covers latest anti-viral nanotech face masks products, investments, nanotech products, regulations and graphene news.

Issue 59
The main nanotech markets, graphene and quantum dots, continue to receive heavy investment and funding. Products that have come to the market over the past few months include marine coatings, anti-counterfeiting, solar panels and new TV and display products. Samsung has announced plans to invest $11 billion in QD technology and QD producers have recently received multi-million dollar funding.

Issue 58
The market for nanomaterials continues to grow, in part driven by their ability to meet challenges for biofriendly and sustainable products. This month there are numerous product developments in renewable energy, oil spillage clean-up, fast charging batteries for electric vehicles and environmentally friendly packaging. Perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) are coming to commercial prominence due to their excellent photophysical properties, low heavy metal content and low cost fabrication in comparison to conventional quantum dots. In depth analysis is provided on their properties, synthesis, production, applications, challenges and recent commercial activity from prominent producers. Also covered in this...