Best Twitter video downloading apps

Despite the sometimes questionable tweets, I do enjoy using Twitter. You get to see breaking and first-hand news, plus the varying points of view from around the world. I’ve been on Twitter for years now, and it’s sometimes been my “safe zone” from the Facebook madness. Not only that, but it’s also been a good source of jokes and media content.

The pictures and videos that get posted can be a positive goldmine. I sometimes grab the animated images to include in WhatsApp messages or email. In addition, there’s sometimes some funny videos which are well worth stashing on my phone. That’s when the video downloaders come to the rescue. Below are some helpful apps that will help you download those videos from Twitter.
Bit downloader 
If you’re searching for a good, user-friendly Twitter video downloader , you can try this out. Bit downloader allows you to download your favourite videos from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook plus more. The tool is totally free to use and does not have any restrictions. What’s also convenient is the fact that you don’t have to download any extra additional software or create an account.

You can save the videos for the offline usage or simply backup your own videos posted on Twitter or other social media. The usage is very simple – first of all, you need to copy the link of the video you’re interested in, then you have to paste the link into the search box at the top of the page. Next, press the download button and the magic will happen.
Download Twitter Videos
Another video downloader we can highly recommend is Download Twitter Videos. It’s probably one of the most popular apps and it has a reason for it. While saving a video, you can do a quick check on how much storage you’ll be using before downloading the video. You can share the videos with your friends over different social media apps. It has a simple user interface too.

The first step is copying the URL of the tweet or a video you want to save, next you have to paste the URL into the field on the homepage and press the Download button. Pretty easy I’m sure you’ll agree.
SaveTweetVid is an easy-to-use Twitter converter and downloader that lets you download the videos you chose to mp4, mp3 files. It’s available in many different languages, does not require any registration or fees for the usage. It works in the same way as the applications above – copy the URL of the video on Twitter, paste in the box, and press the button to keep your best videos to yourself for good. There’s no watermarks and you can also go straight from Twitter – just hit “Share” and then send the tweet to SaveTweetVid.
This application is a bit different from the others I listed because it specializes in something different than only video downloading. Jihosoft is a popular data recovery tool that works on almost all popular devices. Previously it was...