How do I find the best iPhone backglass repair service near me?

Let’s face it, iPhones are the most expensive smartphone devices in the market and so are its repairs. Especially, the iPhone back glass replacement or repair, they cost a bomb! Plus Broken iPhone back glass is one of the most annoying issues we come across during our day-to-day lives. 
A cracked iphone back screen brings a host of complications like facing discomfort while texting, sending emails, playing games, or just simply holding the phone while speaking on-call can be a big pain in the neck. On top, the crack may increase every passing day & may put other parts of the phone at risk of damage. 
S o, how is it possible to fix your cracked iPhone back screen at home? How do you know if your iPhone needs a repair or a replacement? If it needs repair, how do you find the best iphone backglass repair service near you?
Just sit back & relax, in this blog, we’ll answer all your questions regarding the iPhone backglass screen repair. So, let’s get started!
First thing first, let us know if it is possible to fix your broken iPhone back glass at home?
The answer is NO . Apple’s hardware is not easy to get into. The back glass of the iPhones like the iPhone 8 & later is held to the frame with a strong epoxy such that it is strongly fused with the internal parts of the phone. To remove the back glass, you have to dissolve the epoxy with extreme heat or cold. 
Some of the common problems like black screen , a frozen screen, slow or faulty wifi, lagging phone, etc. can be solved at home itself, but back repair shouldn’t be done at home. Doing so at home can further worsen the condition of your back glass and may also damage other internal parts. It will also void your Apple warranty if you have one.
How do I know if my iPhone needs a back glass repair or replacement?
It depends on the extent of the damage or the crack. The more cracked the screen is, the more the chances of backglass replacement. The chances or replacement is more in Apple’s latest and higher-end phones like iPhone X, iPhone 11 & later. 
How much an iPhone back glass screen repair costs?
If you have an AppleCare+ plan for your iPhone, the back glass repair will cost you $29 on all eligible iPhone models. If it is out of Warranty, check out the Screen repair  & Other damage charges which includes breaking the glass on the back of the device as below for different iPhone models:

Screen repair (Out of Warranty)
Other damage (Out of Warranty)

iPhone 8 Plus 

iPhone 8

Phone XS Max

iPhone XS

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone 11 Pro Max