Rakinda Face Equipment F2-h Helps Enterprises to Overcome This Difficulty

Nowadays, the biggest problem facing various countries is the impact of new coronary pneumonia. At present, many countries and regions are still closed. In order to determine the infected person and cut off the route of transmission, the mass of people will be reduced on a large scale. In response to this epidemic, our company has launched a face temperature measuring device F2-H to help companies and factories resume work.
If an enterprise wants to resume work, the necessary protection measures are essential. For the movement of people, the most important thing is the measurement of body temperature . So when the company’s employees resumed work, they walked to the face temperature measurement equipment hung on the door of the company, stood in front of the face temperature measurement equipment , and completed the temperature measurement and attendance records based on the face information entered before. Finally, the attendance and corresponding temperature of the day were recorded in the system to ensure the normal operation of the company.

This process our equipment F2-H can be achieved. At present, the infrared binocular live detection technology used in our equipment ensures the normal punching of employees. At the same time, the TOF camera that comes with the device can ensure normal use in low-light environments. At the same time, the faster Baidu algorithm guarantees the speed of face recognition, making this process easier. Finally, the offline version of 20,000 face storage can adapt to a variety of emergencies.