The 7 Best Black Light Bulbs Reviews and Buying Guide

Be it for a fun-filled party or you are shooting a kickass video, a backlight is of the essence. Relatively new phenomena, backlights have revolutionized the way we display the fun we have. These neon lights will add a certain aesthetic and bright glowly design to your overall living or party space when in dark.
In this article, we are listing down some of the best and top-rated backlights to buy online. These lights are picked on the basis of their merits and quality factors. Be sure to check for these factors before you are buying one They are:

Type of the bulb: The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a backlight bulb is the type of bulb you are buying. Generally, black light bulbs are available in 3 bulb types (incandescent, fluorescence and LED)  and 2 different types based on fixtures ( Wall fixture and socket fixture). These bulbs are also available in a handheld format that is perfect for party usage etc.,

Size of the space you are using the bulb: For bodypaint usage or just normal small personal parties, a short-range is okay. But if you are buying the bulb for long-range use cases for small rooms to large halls, for outdoor ranges, you would need the light range to be higher than normal. This light reaches can range from about 5 meters to 10 meters or sometimes higher as well

Light intensity: A self-explanatory feature, the intensity of the light need not be as high as a normal everyday bulb; but the intensity needs to be enough to be able to reflect the paint or anything that needs to glow out. The range of the light is about 385 nm to about 400 nm.

Fixture: This kind of boils back to the type of light bulb but is more focussed on how easy is the bulb to be fixed onto a circuit. General LED style bulbs can be fixed onto a bulb socket but there are other forms of fixtures available for the backlight bulbs as well. These fixtures are stripes, series and a few are hand-held direct lights as well. Choose according to your need

Be sure to check for the above-mentioned factors while choosing a backlight bulb on your own. We have considered them while picking up the products for the below list. Let’s go and check out our list for the best backlight bulbs to buy online
7 Best Black Light Bulbs

Black Light Bulbs
Total Wattage
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Onforu 15w UV LED Black Light Bulb
LED Bulb
15 Watts
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Leciel UV LED Black Light
Party LED
10 Watts
2 Years
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Onforu 7w UV LED Black Lights Bulb
LED Bulb
7 watts + 7 watts= 14 Watts
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Kingbo Black Lights Bulb
Party LED
36 Watts
1 Year
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Prime Ultra Violet Blacklight