Game Boy Advance SP USB-C Charging Port


USB-C is an amazing technology, able to transfer a wide variety of data types, as well as source power in different voltage/current formats. The most visible benefit, however, is that you can reverse the plug, avoiding the frustration of aligning the USB cable 4 times before it will fit into the port.
So what if you want to realize “the truly universal USB-C dream” on your Game Boy Advance SP? With a bit of soldering work, this can be a reality, by first removing the stock power connector, then attaching this USB-C adapter PCB .
If this idea looks somewhat familiar, seller rorosaurus notes that there’s an existing adapter PCB from makho , but that it only works with USB-A to USB-C cables. His adapter works with USB-C to USB-C cables, as well as USB-A. So if you have a C-C cable, you don’t even have to choose the correct end, you can just plug and go!
Notably, the design doesn’t block the pins needed for headphone jack mods, and this 3D-printable bezel will fill in the gaps left when installing this smaller port. Of course, such a mod isn’t plug-and-play by any means. You can see the Makho version installation in the video below, which should be a very similar experience:

Of course, this isn’t the only Game Boy power mod on Tindie. The adapter featured here allows you to power a Game Boy Color or Pocket with a (traditional) USB input.