How to Build a Twitter Bot Using Python?

Day by day Bot usage is increasing. The bot help startups, SMEs and big brands in reaching customers and enhancing customer engagement. If I talk about Twitter Bot, then around 15% of twitter is formed of bots .
Twitter allows you to build a bot, but it enables you to create one bot for a single function means Twitter Bot cannot be created for multiple purposes. Twitter Bot can be built by using Python , but for this, you need to use the Tweepy library.
Now you might be thinking Tweepy, what is this?? It is a Python library for accessing the Twitter API. Tweepy is best for manageable automation, and building Twitter Bots it holds multiple features.
Do You Know?

  In 2020, 187 countries represented an official presence on Twitter.

As per the University of Southern California and Indiana University study, 48 million Twitter bots are active.

Steps To Build Twitter Bot Using Python

Let’s discuss a simple procedure to create Twitter Bot using Python. Follow each of the mentioned steps carefully as then only you will be able to build a Twitter Bot.  

#Step 1: Begin With Making Module

Before working on any project or starting any work, it is mandatory to build the proper plan; this simplifies the development process and also helps you to identify the next step. If you create an adequate project development module, then for you, it will be simple to estimate the bot development time.
If you want to create a Twitter Bot that tweets out, then for that, we need to use Twitter’s API as this helps in tweet posting. You can also use Git hubs API to obtain the post history. After making use of API, you need to write code in Python as this step will stimulate the Twitter Bot development process. 
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# Step 2:  Assembling Materials and Building Structure
Firstly find out the materials which you want to use in Twitter Bot development as this will make the material assembling process more manageable. I have used as my first file. This file has four main parts, and this includes Imports , APIs Keys , Authentication , and Code .
How To Get API Keys? 
You need to create an account on Twitter developer platform as this will only help you in getting the API Keys for developing Twitter Bot. If you don’t know how to create an account on Twitter developer platform, then just follow the process mentioned below. 

Firstly open the Twitter developer page.

Then from the Twitter developer homepage, click on the Apply option.

Thereafter, another page will get open from there click on the Apply for a developer account tab.

On clicking the tab, Twitter Sign In page will open. On that page, you...