Promoting Self-Care For Caregivers During The Pandemic & Beyond

A recent study found that personal exposure to the novel coronavirus – i.e. coming into contact with someone who has either tested positive or is exhibiting symptoms – is linked to poor mental health. These people are almost twice as likely to feel as if “difficulties are piling up so high that they cannot overcome them,” and often experience a mix of reactions to the exposure, such as feeling dazed and numb, nervous and lonely. When I came across this story, I immediately thought about employee burnout , a syndrome that is common for caregivers in long-term care settings, and one that the WHO declared an “occupational phenomenon” just last year. Cited symptoms include decreased energy, lack of job satisfaction, lower productivity and absenteeism. Physical symptoms like headaches and stomach issues can also manifest themselves. And some take to abusing alcohol and drugs as a form of escapism.