Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Everything we know and what we want to see

Credit: Evan Blass

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leaks are flooding the mobile audio tech sphere, and for good reason: the alleged Galaxy Buds Live have a baffling bean-shaped design . We’ve been updating you with leaks on a potentially pushed-up release date, colorways, and more. Now, let’s round-up all that we know and what we expect to see from the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: All the rumors and leaks
All signs point to noise-cancelling technology with these rounded earbuds, which would pit them directly against the likes of the Apple AirPods Pro , Sony WF-1000XM3 , and Panasonic RZ-S500W . This is some stiff competition for earbuds that don’t appear to seal to the ear canal.
You have every right to feel skeptical of the noise-cancelling performance: noise cancellation works best when a physical barrier is created between the listener’s eardrum and the outside world. Most earbuds achieve this with a standard silicone ear tip that creates a weak suction to the ear, thereby passively blocking out external noise . Without this kind of passive isolation, noise-cancelling — no matter how advanced the technology — won’t be very effective.
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If anything, it makes more sense for the bean earbuds to have ambient noise-cancelling technology apply to the microphone system to improve voice transmission. However, if the earbuds turn out to mimic more of the previous generations’ shapes, it would make sense to see active noise-cancelling (ANC) that extends beyond the microphone array.
Microphone quality should be better
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are all but guaranteed to have better microphone quality than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus . We already saw a huge improvement in call quality from the first-generation Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Buds Plus, so it only makes sense to see this taken one step further.
Samsung Galaxy Buds microphone demo:
document.createElement('audio'); Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus microphone demo: Even if microphone noise-reduction or noise-cancelling isn’t included, we could see an improvement to the beamforming microphones used in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Voice clarity improvements would be a welcome upgrade as more and more of us rely on our wireless headphones to field calls , rather than our handsets. The last thing anyone wants during a call is to annoy his boss because of poor voice quality.
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Per the Galaxy BudsX trademark registration filed back in April,...