Introducing Okta Integration on the Scalefusion Dashboard for Single Sign-On

We are excited to announce the integration of Okta single sign-on service on the Scalefusion dashboard. With this integration, IT admins can now leverage SAML based sign-in using Okta on the Scalefusion, eliminating the need of remembering passwords and simplifying access to the Scalefusion dashboard. This integration also is elemental in adding an extra layer of security to the Scalefusion account along with the existing two-factor authentication and Google Authenticator-based security.

Okta is a leading identity provider that helps in establishing a secure methodology of extending user authentication or digital identity to the service provider. Previously, Scalefusion users could make use of single sign-on using Office 365 AD as well as GSuite account credentials. With the integration of Okta, the users can now enable single sign-on without being a GSuite or Office 365 user.

Okta is used by Scalefusion as an identity provider to help grant authorization to the user, in this case, the IT admin managing their enterprise mobility using Scalefusion MDM .

How does it work?

The Okta user creates an application on Okta and adds Scalefusion as an app name.
Configure SAML settings and create the single sign-in URL. This URL is available on the Scalefusion dashboard and will be used for IdP-initiated sign-on requests.
Now, add users in Okta Admin Console from the directory and add the Scalefusion application to the users.
On the Scalefusion dashboard, account owners or co-account owners can set up SAML configuration and select Okta as the identity provider.
During the setup, a PIN needs to be set up for performing dashboard actions that would be otherwise performed using the account password.
Once the settings are saved, the admins can enter the email ID on the login page and Scalefusion will auto-verify the authentication based on Okta and the user can access the dashboard without entering the password.
Similarly, the admin can migrate all the other Scalefusion admins to Okta based Single sign-in.

The Okta based single sign-on setup can be disabled at any time. The users previously using Office 365 or GSuite based sign-in can migrate to Okta if they have an Okta account, but they won’t be able to use the features offered by Office365 or GSuite.

You can read more about Okta integration on Scalefusion in our help docs section .

Get started with SAML based sign-in using Okta on Scalefusion today.