Proteus Libraries of Embedded Sensors

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Hi Folks! Glad to see you here. Thank you for viewing this read. In this post today, I’m going to list New Proteus Libraries of Embedded Sensors, where we’ll only cover Proteus libraries for sensors.
I’ve shared scores of Proteus libraries and today I’m going to pack them into one single post that will help you scan through all libraries related to sensors in one place. Moreover, if you are alien to Proteus, you can check this post on how to add a new library in proteus.
I’m going to embed all links of the Proteus libraries for sensors added until recently. You can download and simulate all libraries from the respective links. Plus, all these libraries are compatible with Microcontrollers and Arduino boards. All links you find in this post come with two simulations i.e. one simple simulation of the sensors and other simulation with the Arduino board. If you face any difficulty in simulating the library, you can pop your question in the section below, I’ll help you the best way I can.
Before further ado, let’s jump right in and look at the list of New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students.
If your system doesn’t carry proteus software already, you must have a look at How to Download and Install Proteus Software.
1. Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus

Ultrasonic sensors are mainly used for obstacle detection. They use sound waves for object detection. Ultrasonic sound waves are emitted at a particular frequency which are then reflected back to the sensor after hitting the obstacle. The time these sounds waves takes in traveling from the sensors and then reflecting from the object is measured that gives the total distance covered by the sound waves. It is important to note that these ultrasonic sound waves travel faster than the audible sound that we humans can hear.
We’ve designed an ultrasonic sensor library for proteus which you can easily run and simulate in proteus. The library is demonstrated with examples that will help you better understand these sensors covering three different scenarios. I’m sure you’ll love the working and simulation of this library that you can easily understand and incorporate in your semester project. Click the link below to download the ultrasonic library for proteus.

Download Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus

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2. PIR Sensor Library for Proteus

PIR (passive infrared) sensor is an electronic device that uses infrared rays for motion detection. They are based on thermal detection. They measure infrared rays reflected from objects that produce heat and thus infrared radiations in its field of view. Crystalline material incorporated at the center of the sensor detects the infrared radiation. These...