LOUD Security Strives to Make Customers Feel Like Family

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Classic rock fans will recall Bob Segar’s searing lament about how impersonal society can be in his working-class anthem “Feel Like a Number.” Treating individuals like they are anonymous begets estrangement. That is a concept not lost on Kennesaw, Ga.-based LOUD Security , where highly personalized engagement is almost a mantra.
“We treat every customer as a real person with real concerns. We never want to treat any customer as a number. Instead they are a vital part of our family, and we strive to communicate regularly, and often throughout all stages of the customer’s involvement with LOUD,” explains the company’s John Bennett, director of marketing.
Bennet emphasizes this endeavor as central to the company’s mission statement and the primary value that sets LOUD apart from competing security providers.
“[Founder and President] John Loud believes so much in our commitment to service that even with over 10,000 customers, he publicly provides his personal cell for all to call at any time,” Bennet continues. “Try reaching any manager or owner anywhere you spend your money, and you’ll quickly realize just how uncommon that is in today’s me-first business environment.”

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An example of the company’s proactive approach to customer service is in the way cancellations are handled. Even though customers have signed agreements, LOUD is sensitive to the fact there are oftentimes extenuating circumstances that lead to a cancel before a contractual agreement expires.
To help mitigate and get out in front of potential issues, the company conducts weekly cancellation meetings. Management will convene with the retention team, Bennet explains, “to review customer situations and offer reasonable solutions rather than holding each customer to the every jot and tittle of our agreement terms.”
Cancellations and complaints are tracked closely. Each grievance is addressed proactively, positively and promptly, with the goal of resolving them in a way that is fair and beneficial to all.
“In addition, we track the reasons for each cancellation, and we look for ways to mitigate and improve our attrition rates. For example, we recently implemented a loyalty program that offers credit to long-term customers to help with needed upgrades or systems,” Bennet says.
Contending With Challenges
Aside from pushing through the coronavirus pandemic and adjusting to the new normal that comes with it, Bennet cites workforce development as a time-consuming, ongoing challenge for the company. Because turnover is so costly and onerous to the company’s efficiency, LOUD works to develop...