6 Kid-Friendly Websites for Free Arts and Crafts Activities for Children

Children need to learn, play, and stay active for well-rounded growth. These free websites for activities, crafts, and arts for kids will ensure they stay occupied while growing their skills and knowledge.
This article focuses more on non-screen activities, although some of the websites include those. But there’s always a happy go-between. these free interactive art games for kids will develop color and art skills, and are child-appropriate. It’s no substitute for paints and palettes, but it is a launching point for digital design.
1. Origami Way and Proud Paper (YouTube): Learn Origami and Paper Crafts

Oh, the creations you can make out of a simple piece of paper! Origami Way and Proud Paper teach both adults and children basic papercrafts with a focus on origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. From cranes to planes to Wolverine claws, you’ll learn it all.
Origami Way is a website with step-by-step instructions for each project. Each step has images, so you can take your time and do it at your own pace. It also specifies the kind of paper you need for any creation, with instructions on how to make a square paper sheet which several origami projects need.
YouTube channel Proud Paper hosts origami and papercraft projects for all skill levels. The videos have no instructions or voice notes, it captures the process of any creation. Kids should start with the basics like paper boats and butterflies, before moving on to more complex creations.
Given that origami has no tools involved, it’s a great activity to keep kids occupied with a large sheet of paper. Just ensure you gently encourage them to keep trying even if they aren’t getting it right the first time.
2. DIY Slime (Web): The Ultimate Guide to Make Slime at Home

Which kid doesn’t love playing with Slime? The good news is that you and your child can make slime at home with regular store-bought safe ingredients. And once it’s ready, your child can go wild with it.
The Craft Patch made the best guide on how to make DIY slime at home. You’ll find all the ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and different recipes for different types of slime. Yup, you can make slime without borax, make slime without glue, make fluffy slime, clear slime, or butter slime.
The website also includes a few suggestions of things to add to the slime to make it your own, like glitter, foam balls, confetti, etc. All the recipes are free to download and print, and there’s a helpful video of everything too.
And don’t throw away the slime just yet when they are done playing with it. You can use DIY slime to clean gadgets and other hard-to-clean things.
3. Kids Activities (Web): Stuck-at-Home Survival Guide

The Kids Activities Blog hosts a variety of projects across age groups. You can quickly filter the site by activities for baby, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and...