Wake up naturally with the best wake-up lights

Setting a wake-up light on your bedside table is a great way to improve your sleeping habits. Using light to begin your wake-up routine is a subtle yet effective way to start your day, allowing you to ditch traditional audio alarms. The Philips SmartSleep Connected is the ultimate wake-up light as it includes features such as environment monitoring, sleep, and relaxation routines, built-in clock, FM radio, and more. We have gathered all of the best wake-up lights to help you choose the best for your needs.

Best Overall: Philips SmartSleep Connected

Philips SmartSleep Connected includes capabilities that go beyond the wake-up routine. The SmartSleep Connected features four customizable sunrise light color options and eight alarm sounds, which make waking up in the morning an inviting experience. The PowerWake function ensures that you never sleep in by using flashing lights and loud audible cues to help kick you into gear.

The SmartSleep Connected utilizes Wi-Fi to communicate with the provided SleepMapper App, which offers personalized coaching to help establish healthy sleep routines. Temperature, humidity, light, and noise levels are all measured by the built-in AmbiTrack sensor technology, helping to determine which factors affect your sleep.

Also included is the RelaxeBreathe function, which uses light and breathing patterns to help your mind wind down at night. Other extras include a USB port for charging a phone or other device, an auxiliary port for connecting an audio source to the built-in speaker, FM radio, clock, and a touch-screen display, which fades in when in close proximity of the light.


SleepMapper App-enabled
Environment monitoring
RelaxeBreathe program


Odd design
Limited backup

Best Overall

Philips SmartSleep Connected

$200 from Amazon

Loaded with extras

SmartSleep Connected is a wake-up light designed to help improve sleeping with an app, coaching, and environment monitoring.

Best Value: Philips SmartSleep HF3500

The Philips SmartSleep HF3500 is the best choice for those looking to save a little cash when shopping for a wake-up light. However, this light's low price does not mean that it skimps on features, as it covers all of the basics, including a gradual wake-up process through light.

This light features a large diffuser capable of outputting 200 lumens of light and has ten intensity options for customizing the right amount of light for your needs. Also included is a large clock, as well as a backup audio option to beep in the event where you oversleep.


Low price
Backup audio option
Ten intensity options


Cannot turn off display
One audio alarm
No power backup

Best Value

Philips SmartSleep...