OnePlus Nord: Everything We Know, Just Not a Price (Updated)

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The OnePlus Nord line will mark OnePlus’ return to a price point that helped smartphone enthusiasts adopt their phones to begin with. While the Nord products aren’t expected to be high-end “flagship killers,” they should still offer a premium experience at a price well under the current top OnePlus 8 Pro series, which sells for prices as high as $1,000.
As we track the story of the OnePlus Nord, we thought it was time to tell you everything we know in one place, including price, release date, specs, and more.
What is the OnePlus Nord line?
First rumored as the OnePlus 8 Lite and then the OnePlus Z, the OnePlus Nord is the official name for a new line of products that OnePlus has confirmed will arrive shortly. The company recently acknowledged that its customers might want a smartphone that is “more affordable” yet still “premium” and that’s where Nord comes in.
You may recall that the original OnePlus One started at $299 with a set of specs that matched up well to the phones from Samsung and LG and Google. Since that phone, we are now up to the OnePlus 8 Pro that tops out at $999. This OnePlus Nord phone won’t come anywhere near $1,000.
After years of price jumps from one OnePlus model to the next , this will be the first OnePlus phone in some time that won’t try and compete with the highest-end phones on the market either. With OnePlus Nord, OnePlus might now find itself competing with Samsung’s successful A series, a variety of LG phones, and the Google Pixel “a” line. As a company trying to grow, adding a new line at a different price point makes a lot of sense.
What does OnePlus Nord look like?
When the first rumor for the OnePlus Nord started, we were still in 2019 and the original guess for a name surfaced as OnePlus 8 Lite . The design of that phone from the end of 2019 might have been accurate at the time, but we now know the phone will take on a slightly different final appearance.
The image used in the header of this post is a shot of the phone taken from a recent OnePlus teaser video . The entire design is tough to make out from this shot, but you can see the big display, OnePlus alert slider, and power button. As you continue watching the video, we get one more front shot with the display off that could show a double selfie camera module pushed to the top left corner. After that, we get the quickest of looks at the back, where a vertical camera housing might show up to 4 lenses.

I know these aren’t the best shots, just know that they are at least accurate. They also look very similar to the design of the recently announced realme X50 5G , a phone from a company close to OnePlus. Knowing OnePlus’ history and the  use of facilities they apparently share with companies like OPPO (and realme), the similarities between a OnePlus phone and another from...