TechEx Announces Digital Marketing Solutions for the Enterprise IT Market Place.

Discover TechEx Events, TechEx Digital, and the Solutions Provided for the Enterprise IT Market Place.

TechEx  Events has recently announced the launch of  TechEx Digital ; the content creation and digital arm of the leading event series, which provides a suite of digital marketing services. For the last four years TechEx Digital has created whitepapers, webinars, lead generation services, brand awareness campaigns, content marketing, and thought leadership studies. The recent launch of TechEx Digital now also presents a new raft of services. Read on to learn more.

Discover TechEx Events’ New Digital Division

TechEx Events  is a world-leading enterprise technology conference and event series consisting of five co-located events;  IoT Tech Expo ,  5G Expo ,  AI & Big Data Expo ,  Blockchain Expo  and  Cyber Security & Cloud Expo . These events are hosted three times a year in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam and London.

TechEx Digital is the content creation and digital marketing division of TechEX Events and provides a suite of digital marketing solution packages.

Sophie Weaver, Head of Marketing at TechEX, commented,  “For the last few years we have been creating whitepapers, webinars, brand awareness campaigns and more, to help our brands achieve their marketing goals”.

TechEx Digital operates using the TechEX Events database as well as a range of nine expert publishing sites covering topics such as IoT, AI, Blockchain, Telecoms, Developers, and more. These publishing sites include:

● IoT Tech News

● Cloud Computing News

● Telecoms Tech

● VR360

● Developer Tech

● AI News

● Enterprise CIO

● The Block

Discover TechEx Digital’s New Marketing Solutions

TechEx Digital is now offering the unique opportunity to support companies by marketing brands to a targeted audience of over 5 million people. TechEx Digital boast significant brand exposure for companies to promote themselves as a thought leader to an audience of highly relevant world-wide professionals.

TechEx Digital provide these integrated marketing solutions by incorporating both three large scale exhibitions, and a suite of digital marketing services connected to the event and publishing audiences.

Sophie Weaver, Head of Marketing at TechEX, commented  “We are delighted to announce a raft of new services for our clients, in the current climate helping them achieve their marketing goals. The new services we can now provide are split into four expert areas to help your business grow.”

These four areas of marketing solutions include: Performance Marketing, Digital Events, Content Marketing and Advertising & distribution.

Performance Marketing

TechEx Digital’s Performance Marketing package includes a number of lead generation and brand awareness...