Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter Could be The Last One You’ll Ever Need

Adapters are one of those things you can’t live with, but also can’t live without. It seems like you need an adapter for just about everything, which is frustrating when the lack of one becomes a roadblock in your project. No, I’m not speaking from experience, why do you ask?
Thankfully, the Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter aims to be the last one you’ll ever need by offering a variety of protocols in a single package. That pitch alone got my attention. With this adapter, you can connect your computer to any I2C, SPI,1-WIRE, and SWI via USB.
Uses include everything from toggling an LED, to sending UART commands to DUT in a test fixture or even talking to an I2C IMU sensor breakout. Seriously, it does a lot. The design also features 5 signal pins that can be used for Digital Input, Output, PWM Output, Digital Interrupt, and Analog variations as well.
The host adapter can also use these pin to communicate across several digital buses, including I2C, SPI, UART, 1-wire, and Single-Wire interfaces. In this mode, other pins can be assigned to other purposes.
This kind of adapter makes manual testing easier during firmware development and debugging. It’s also a great way to automate your hardware testing and validation efforts. Finally, a common use case also includes EEPROM/Flash Memory testing and other functional testings in a product in a production type of environment.