Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

A person’s hair truly defines their beauty. Be it silky straight or springy curls, lustrous shiny hair surely works as eye candy. Everyone is blessed with good hair but as age and time progress, maintaining the luster and sheen of one’s hair becomes challenging. This can mainly be attributed to a busy lifestyle and lack of time, both of which lead to neglect and over time people get dependant on beauty products and other chemicals to try and bring back the life in their hair. What can be most disheartening in the course of this neglect is hair fall and subsequent hair loss. Initially this problem may tend to be overlooked but when bald patches form and show that’s when all hell breaks loose. Many factors lead to hair fall. In this topic, we will discuss how dandruff causes hair fall and how this problem can be altered.
Common Causes of Hair Loss
Hair clusters on the floor are not just unsightly to look at but also alarming – the former because it makes the place look dirty, unkept and the latter because it is a tell-tale sign of a weakened scalp as well as a desperate call for hair rejuvenation. Hair falls due to many reasons. Let us take a look at some of the common factors that lead to hair fall:

Frequent usage of chemicals and beauty products

Beauty products meant to enhance the external beauty and sheen of the hair often contains harsh chemicals disrupts the pH balance of the hair which weakens the hair follicles and may permanently scar the roots. This can lead to excessive hair fall and permanent bald patches if not looked into immediately.

Usage of hot irons, curlers and others

Hair straighteners and curlers can expose the hair and scalp to a lot of heat which will not just weaken the hair strands but it can also cause havoc to the roots leading to hair-thinning and falling.


If hair thinning and hair fall is prevalent in one’s family one can fall victim to untimely hair loss and related stress. In medical terms, it is referred to as androgenic alopecia. Based on gender, in men, it shows initially as a receding hairline and in women hair thinning in the scalp along the crown.

Hormonal Imbalance

Changes in hormones owing to thyroid problems, during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are common factors leading to hair fall. This can be permanent or temporary depending on the cause.

Medication, Radiation Treatment, etc

Medicines and radiation therapy used to treat illnesses like cancer, depression, heart problems, blood pressure and others show hair fall as a side-effect.

Owing to stress

Extreme stress leads to hair fall which often is a temporary effect arising from emotional distress.

Consuming an improper diet

When sufficient nutrients are not supplied to the body through food and necessary supplements it does not just deem the person weak and...