Oracle 12c Release 1 – Enterprise Edition downloading and installation on Windows

Hello everyone, I am here to guide you on how to download and install the Oracle database on Windows OS.

I have given the steps-by-steps process to make it more clear and understandable for you guys.

So let’s get started with some introduction about Oracle Database.


Oracle Database is created by Oracle Corporation. The main features of Oracle Database are that it supports both SQL and PL/SQL.

The reason behind why I am using the Oracle Database other than using another software because of it’s PL/SQL feature. It is very easy to configure and use.

I will be showing you all the steps to configure your Oracle Database in your system so don’t worry my dear friend.

1. Welcome to the Oracle website

The first step we have to take is to visit the oracle official website. You can click here  oracle_website_link  to visit the website. The website looks like this when you visit it or there will be little bit changes on the website if you visit it.

2. Downloading Oracle Database from its website

The steps to download Oracle Database is shown below:

Click the three-lined icon on the left side of the page.
Under the on-premise infrastructure click on the Oracle Database.
Choose 12c Release 1 – Enterprise Edition. You can download any of the products from the list but we are learning about 12c.
The files for 12c is divided into two parts, you have to download both of them.
You have to agree on the terms and conditions to download these files and when you have agreed on it you are prompted to log in page. If you haven’t created one of the Oracle accounts you have to create an Oracle account to download its products.
Once you have created an account or logged in, your product will automatically start to download.

3. Installation

The show below is the steps to install Oracle Database:

1) Extract the two downloaded files from the folder.

2) Open the folder which is highlighted in the picture below.

3) You will see only one folder present in it when you open the above-shown folder. Open until you reach and open the components folder.

4) Copy all the folders present in the Components folder.

5) Open the below-highlighted folder and follow the given below path and paste all the copied folders 

Path: databasestageComponents

6) Open the above-highlighted folder and under the database folder, open the setup file.

7) You will be asked that do you want to apply changes or something like that by the system and you have to press Yes and wait for some time.

4. Setup steps

Now let’s head towards the setup.

1) You can skip the first step if you don’t want to get information about the security issues by clicking next. If you want to get informed you can...