Hands-On With Samsung’s UV Sterilizer, A Compact Object Hygiene Solution for Any Environment

Have you ever wondered how hygienic those everyday items we interact with on a regular basis really are? Of course, washing your hands is an important way to keep everything you touch sterile, but in order to stay as hygienic as possible, sanitizing our most-used objects should also be a priority.
This is why Samsung Electronics has introduced a new UV Sterilizer , 1  complete with wireless charging, that not only sanitizes your personal mobile devices, but other common-use items like toothbrushes and glasses, too. With a minimalistic design, this sterilizer allows you to keep your personal belongings hygienic anytime, anywhere.
Take, for example, a day in the office. Samsung Newsroom harnessed the UV Sterilizer for a full working day to learn more about which commonplace objects the sterilizer is capable of keeping sterile and safe.
1. Mobile Phones

For a lot of us, our smartphones are a trusty companion from morning to night, meaning they venture outdoors with us on our morning and evening commutes. Given this exposure to the outside world, keeping our smartphones hygienic should be a top priority.

The UV Sterilizer is a great way to remove any unwanted bacteria that may have accumulated during the morning commute. With interior dimensions of 196 x 96 x 33m, the UV Sterilizer can fit the majority of smartphones currently available in the market and is turned on with a simple press to the button on the right-hand side of the device. The sterilization process, indicated by the illumination of a green light, then begins and lasts for 10 minutes. Once it is complete, a beeping sound alerts the user and the green light will extinguish to clearly indicate that the process is over. This short completion time makes it ideal for easy sterilization multiple times throughout the day for enhanced peace of mind.
2. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones, like the Galaxy Buds Plus, are a fantastic companion throughout the day, whether you are inside the office or traveling outside of it. Given the long hours we often spend listening to music, it is imperative to keep these innovative in-ear devices free of dust and germs.

Not only can you keep your earbuds hygienic with the UV Sterilizer, but you can also separately sanitize their case thanks to the Sterilizer’s accommodating design. All you need to do is pop the desired component into the Sterilizer and press its button to get the sterilization process started.
3. Glasses

Those who regularly wear glasses know just how much of your face these helpful objects come into contact with, often for extended periods of time. Fortunately, these, too, can safely be sanitized in the UV Sterilizer.

The UV Sterilizer...