Remote Desktop Software: The COVID-19 Solution for Businesses

The pandemic has had a staggering impact on businesses across the globe. While some businesses moved to the remote working model, a few of them went into a complete shutdown. The businesses that had to choose the second way were either extremely location dependent- for eg. manufacturing units, industries, etc, or didn’t have the right infrastructure to enable remote working . As the initial comprehensions around the pandemic are slowly subsiding, returning to normalcy feels far from real, at least in the year of 2020. The need to be ‘remote-first’ is real and this is where the remote desktop software comes into play.

Remote Desktops Software

Remote desktop software enables businesses to move operations to complete remote work. It takes off the burden from IT teams who have to ensure device provisioning, resource optimization, security and compliance maintenance and troubleshooting- while they themselves are working remotely.

Let us have a look at how remote desktop software can help in ensuring business continuity during COVID-19 and beyond.

Remote Desktop Software: An Overview

Remote desktop software empowers IT teams to remotely provision, access, and control remotely operating desktop machines. Since these desktops operate outside the conventional perimeters of an office, they are most likely connected to unknown networks. With remote desktop software, the IT teams can ensure the security of the desktops and the corporate data lying on it.

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Remote Desktop Software enables IT admins to:

Provision device configuration over the air
Enforce security settings and access control
Install, uninstall applications
Control browsing on remote desktop
View remote screens, take control 
Automate compliance checks and security alerts

Benefits of Remote Desktop Software

Device maintenance
Enhanced security
Employee productivity
Reduced device downtime
Business continuity

Scalefusion Remote Desktop Software Capabilities

Remote Device Provisioning

Scalefusion supports zero-touch provisioning of remote desktops with the help of the Windows Autopilot program . The IT admins can push device configurations on remotely operating desktops. Similarly, BYO or employee-owned devices can be invited to remote desktop management and settings can be pushed over the air. 

Enhanced Security Settings

Scalefusion remote desktop software enables IT admins to exercise advanced security settings on remotely operating desktops. From enforcing password policies to user authentication via certificate management, Scalefusion remote desktop software simplifies security management over unidentified networks. For protecting corporate data on remote desktops, Scalefusion extends file encryption and protection via the Windows...