Azure Time Series Insights Gen2: Leading the next generation of industrial IoT analytics platforms

The Internet of Things (IoT) is well-established for helping businesses find real-time insights from their industrial assets opening the path towards Industry 4.0. Answering questions like “how are all of my assets performing right now?” or “how can I improve my manufacturing process and attainment?” and “when will my assets need servicing?” used to be impossible to know or required manual data collection that was always out of date.

Today, business leaders are taking advantage of IoT to see this information with the click of a button. Yet as larger volumes of data are collected from industrial assets, finding insights can become more and more difficult. It can start to require costly and time-consuming data wrangling and data analytics techniques performed by highly specialized staff.

This is where Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 comes in. This fully managed IoT analytics platform—generally available today—enables you to uncover hidden trends, spot anomalies, and conduct root-cause analysis in large volumes of industrial data with an intuitive and straightforward user experience. Simple yet powerful, Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 allows you to explore and analyze billions of contextualized events across millions of sensors.

Since Azure Times Series Insights Gen2 is a serverless offering, you don’t have to worry about managing complicated compute clusters yourself. Additionally, Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 provides a scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing model enabling you to tune your usage to your business demands.

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 is both a web experience and a platform. Knowledge workers can use the Time Series Explorer web experience to find insights from petabytes of IoT data in seconds through the simple, intuitive user interface. Developers can use the open and scalable platform to build solutions and custom user experiences with our rich APIs and JavaScript SDKs.

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 is tailored for industrial IoT applications.

Driven by feedback from customers around the globe, here are key features that are now generally available and how they benefit industrial IoT customers.

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 offers multi-layered storage

IoT customers work with IoT data in a variety of ways. The two most common scenarios we see are:

Highly interactive analytics over a short time span.
Advanced analysis of decades worth of historical data.

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 covers both scenarios with retention-based data routing between managed warm and bring your own cold stores, including Azure Data Lake Storage . Warm store can be configured to retain up to 31 days of IoT data allowing you to perform highly interactive asset-centric analytics with low latency to monitor, trend, and troubleshoot your assets. Cold store, with its near-infinite, retention can be used to store...