Watch Out, Republicans Could “Lose Everything”

“If just four senate seats flip from Republican to Democrat, we run the risk of losing everything,” says Ted Cruz in an ad, soliciting “real patriots” to make cash contributions to the campaigns of GOP incumbents who find themselves threatened.
What does he mean by “losing everything?” There are a great number of possibilities.
I suppose the reason he’s not clear is that he wants the viewer to fill in the bank with what he holds most dear, whether that’s white supremacy, the border wall/kids in cages, the constant stream of lies and obstruction of justice from the White House, the mismanagement of the pandemic, tax cuts for billionaires, kicking 20+ million people off healthcare, bans on abortion, the federal death penalty, unlimited campaign contributions from corporations, green-lighting the police to continue to kill unarmed black people, the demolition of public education, or taking a wrecking ball to the environment.
It’s true.  The GOP could lose everything, leaving us with a greener, healthier, and more equitable country.