Super Nintendo Case For Retro Gaming!

If you’re into retro gaming, one of the best ways to play the games of your youth is on a Raspberry Pi, the mini computer which has sold over 30 million units! Here we have a superb 3D Printed SNES Case for Raspberry Pi which lovingly reimagines the Super Nintendo in miniature form and keeps your Raspberry pi safe, compact, and cool with its on-board fan.
The Raspberry Pi is capable of hosting all manner of projects, from smile recognizing marshmallow shooters to entire WiFi advertising blockers and everything you can imagine in between! This case will house Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2 and Pi3 models, and has an option for a cooling fan and LED to keep it cool and make it look the part. The three colour 3D printed housing provides access to the main ports for HDMI, USB, audio and power sockets, as well as the all important SD card!

For gamers the main appeal of Raspberry Pis is the superb RetroPie , which puts the entirety your gaming memories in one convenient place – provided you own the originals.
The 3D Printed SNES case is made by 3DPStuff who are based in Houston Texas, who sell a whole host of expertly printed products.