Analog Flex Sensor Library for Proteus

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Hi Friends! Happy to see you here. Thank you for viewing this read. Hope you’re well today. In this post, I’m going to discuss the Analog Flex Sensor Library for Proteus.
I’ve been adding them over the last few days intending to design and share brand new libraries that are not a part of the proteus library database already. I’m adding both simple simulation and simulation with the Arduino board to help you better understand these libraries with microcontrollers and Arduino devices.
Before I go further and walk you through on how to download and simulate Analog Flex Sensor Library for Proteus, let’s get to know what’s Flex sensor first.
Simply put, a flex sensor is used to monitor the value of bend. It is also known as a bend sensor that is mainly used in robot whisker sensors, door sensors, stuffed animal toys, and Nintendo power glove. The flex sensor is coupled with the exterior where the rotation of this exterior is directly related to the change in the sensor resistance.
Carbon or plastic material is used for the construction of these sensors where deflection value is sensitive to varying resistance. In terms of varying resistance and size, these sensors are categorized into two main types i.e. 4.5-inch bend sensor and 2.2-inch bend sensor.
I hope you’ve got a brief insight into what is flex sensor and why it is used for. You can also sneak into the Analog PIR Sensor Library for Proteus that I’ve shared previously.
And if you don’t have proteus software installed in your system, check this post on how to download and install proteus software .
Without further ado, let’s jump right into the Analog Flex Sensor Library for Proteus.
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Analog Flex Sensor Library for Proteus
First of all, click the link given below to download the analog flex library for proteus.

Download Analog Flex Sensor Library for Proteus

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As you download this file, it contains two folders named Proteus Library and Proteus Simulation.
Click the Proteus Library, it will open up four files that read:


Copy and place these four files into the proteus library folder.

Now, click the ‘P’ button as below and write ‘Flex sensor analog’ in the search bar.

As you do this, it will return the file as mentioned below.

Select this file and click “OK” As you click OK, your cursor will start blinking with the flex sensor, indicating you can place this sensor anywhere you want on the proteus workspace.

When you place this sensor on the proteus workspace, it will appear as follows: