Top Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors for 2020

EMF detectors measure fields produced by alternating current i.e. electric and magnetic fields along with RF (radiofrequency) radiation. It does so with the help of particular sensors. Each sensor is used to detect and measure each particular field. The more sensitive a certain sensor is, the more accurate it will be.   
Top EMF Detectors 2020:

Trifield – EMF Meter Model TF2

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The Trifield TF2 can measure all three types of EMF radiation i.e. magnetic, electric, and RF radiation, so it’s no surprise that it tops our list. It gives readings quicker than most meter models and more precise readings as well. The model uses a 3-axis sensor for its ‘Magnetic’ settings which allows for more accurate readings regardless of the direction you point it in. The new design also allows for the measurement of EMF radiation within the human body via its frequency weighted mode.  In its magnetic mode it can give readings in the frequency range of 40 Hz – 100 kHz, in the electric mode it gives readings of around 40 Hz – 100 kHz and in the RF radiation mode around 20 MHz – 6 GHz.
The model comes with an LCD display and a backlight to help see readings more clearly. It not only provides more information than most EMF readers but also displays it in a simplified, easy-to-read form which makes it incredibly user friendly and ideal for beginners and professionals alike.  Another great addition to this model is the audio feature. With the audio output, you can easily locate sources of radiation around your home.
If we talk about the battery, the model still outshines, it comes with a 9V alkaline battery providing you with around 20 hours of power with the backlight turned off.  

GQ EMF-390/RF Meter

This EMF reader has really grown in popularity this year, it’s even listed as one of the best-selling EMF meters on Amazon. Like the Trifield TF2, this EMF meter also measures the three types of EMFs: magnetic, electric, and RF radiation. 

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This reader can display a large amount of information at a time, for all three types of readings. It might seem confusing or hard to decipher for beginners but more experienced users love this. You can also switch to the classic mode which will display only one type of reading at a time. As for data displayed, you can also track multiple RF radiation sources at a time, or if you like graphs, switch to the graphic function to view real-time data readings with a graph displayed of the data collected over the last 45 seconds.
What’s interesting is its ability to store all the data into a built-in flash memory which you can later download into your PC. The device also comes with a ‘safety suggestion’ feature which will warn you if you’re in the vicinity of harmful EMF radiations. 

 Acoustimeter RF-10...