Top 10 Pokemon fan games

The moment you hear the mention of Pokemon and games together, the first game that comes to one’s mind is Pokemon Go. No doubt that is because of the unprecedented success and popularity of the game, that was observed, worldwide since its release in 2016.

However, if you’re a Pokemon fan, and you are open to the idea of Pokemon Games, you might be delighted to know that Pokémon Go isn’t the only Pokemon game you can play.

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Sometimes, the wait for Pokemon games is a little too much, here’s where Pokemon fan games come in. There are millions of Pokemon fan games available, so we’ve streamlined the top 10, and brought them to you, in this article. Here are the best Pokemon fan games you can try your hands at: 

Pokemon Prism

A ROM-hack of the original Pokemon Crystal, this Pokemon fan game needs you to have an emulator or cartridge to play. Once the setup is done, you’d realize every bit of effort is worth the fun you have. The Pokemon fan game starts with the famed dragon trainer Lance’s offspring, who is busy playing in a mine-cart, which loses control and goes down and enters the Naljo region, where the main game begins.

Once you enter the region, as players, you get into larvitar and set out to collect 20 gym badges, where you can catch over 200 species of Pokemon. What makes the Pokemon fan game further interesting is the smaller mini-games it has within the larger game, and the ease of playing it offers. 

Pokemon 3D

As the name suggests, this Pokemon fan game emulates a 3D world which pops up before the player. Not only can you explore 3D worlds in your spare time , but also battle with other trainers from around the world, in real-time space continuum in this Pokemon fan game.

Players enjoy direct control over their Pokemon’s movements and can also retreat from encounters if they feel like doing so. First released in 2015, it has numerous Pokemon for you to catch, across fascinating terrain. 

Pokemon Reborn

What makes Pokemon reborn different from other Pokemon fan games, is the fact, it is the first Pokemon fan game to be made in a RPG maker. The Pokemon fan game features Reborn City, which is a polluted metropolis infested with crimes. Trainers have to collaborate with one another and battle the evil that has enveloped the city.

There are 18 different gyms for battle, with field effects distinct for each one. It offers 55 hours of gameplay, but has better resolution and vibrancy as it isn’t a ROM. It has much to offer to gamers in account of quality as well as enjoyment. The game does not even consume much RAM .

Pokemon Godra

This Pokémon fan game is different from the rest in the manner that it focuses more on trainer’s developments, rather than catching Pokemon. There are a number of career paths for you to choose...