The Best Email Marketing Practices During a Crisis

Let’s take a look back into the recent past. Yes, literally one or two years ago… Do you remind that anxiety and uncertainty? Each email marketer, each small business owner was scared by ominous forecasts. While a bunch of analysts was literally mocking us. “Email format is anachronistic! Why is this outdated channel still alive at all? It shall die! Tomorrow belongs to new-fashioned messengers!”
A bit later, AMP4Email was born. This innovation was like the sunlight of the new age… But enough. It seems I’ve said too much. And deviating from the actual topic. Though these reminiscences are not occasional here.

To be honest, I remember that worries now and smiling nostalgically. Because no one could predict the threatening challenge of the nearest future back then…
Coronavirus: a global ordeal
It’s almost unbelievable. But it turned out to be true. Horrid plots of apocalyptic movies like “Contagion” had become an everyday routine. News on TV and internet remind of “Plague Inc” videogame. We’re already accustomed to social distancing, quarantines, WFH, wearing masks, etc.
The recent months showed that the most pessimistic forecasts are far from reality. I’m proud to say that the human race is a strong lifeform. Despite the COVID-19 apocalypse didn’t happen, the global economic system is still functioning… So let’s get optimistic, I think mankind shall survive this plague and recover all the losses.
Right, the coronavirus disaster has changed our life significantly. One of these changes is the global shift of the whole human activity to the online sphere. Many of us are working from home – of course, if our work allows this. We are mostly sitting at homes instead of parties and travels… the obvious solution to replace the familiar offline activities is… Right, we are surfing the internet. 
This is where we come to the topic of our post. How does email marketing cope with the pandemic challenge? And what should we do to keep our marketing strategies healthy?
COVID-19 test for email marketing
A piece of good news. The email marketing potential is strong enough to make our sector of eCommerce generate significant profits even when many business meet the redux of incomes. 
Technically speaking, everything is better than it seemed too. HTML template builders and ESP/CRMs are still providing us with uninterrupted services and new features. 
Our channel is very flexible as well. So email marketers worldwide succeeded to invent the new ways to adjust to force major circumstances. This is exactly what we are going to talk about now.
As we said above, people are engaged online like never before. Yes, email marketing still remains one of the top marketing tools. Yet, each coin has two sides. Had you noticed that Youtube decreased the quality of their videos due to traffic overload? I think you had.