The New Medical Devices Revolutionizing Remote Healthcare

Quality healthcare is a very personalized service. One hurdle faced by health providers has always been the ability to serve large numbers of patients. After all, there is a finite number of doctors, nurses, and related professionals. Our greatest minds have been working to address these issues and continue to inspire with newly-evolved solutions.

Whether a 50% reduction in emergency wait room time, a 20% decrease in administrative burden, or only better digitalization of patient records—every incremental advancement in our healthcare system stands to benefit us all. Every. Single. Person. Many exciting health technologies are ranging from medical animations and 3D printing to artificial intelligence and automated screening. Below are some of the most exciting.

Health Monitoring & Tracking

Technology like Fitbit swept consumer markets by storm. Suddenly, meeting health goals like total daily steps, heart rate, and blood pressure was gamified. The motivation to compete, inherent to our evolution, was suddenly directed inward and towards better lifestyle decisions. While no single person likely had their life completely changed by these tracking devices—the impact on our collective health can’t be overstated.

Medical Animations & VR Training

Medical schools have been around throughout human history. Whether the teaching of complex Chinese herbal formulations or demonstrating complex modern surgical procedures—education is the first step for any health professional. Tools like Virtual Reality are helping better train the next generation of doctors and nurses. Modern visualization techniques are helping to produce realistic medical animations for surgical procedures, medical device functionality, and even complex drug interactions. These educational tools are helping teach a more aware and experience generation of health professionals.

Robot Surgeons

One hurdle in medicine is the logistics of placing specialists in proximity to patients. This is why renowned doctors often locate their practices near major metropolitan areas—more patients. Advancements in robotics is quickly bringing the possibility of surgeons to work remotely. While still a bit sci-fi in nature, remote surgeries are already taking place. In a few years, world-class surgeons may be able to world on patients from around the world without ever leaving their office.

Genetic Sequencing

The human genome is a complex system of data storage, environmental reaction, and dynamic state changes. The State of the Art of human genetic analysis is still in its infancy but is brining exciting new hope for better, more personalized healthcare. This includes personalized medicines, advanced diagnostic capabilities, and a deeper understanding of how certain foods, medicines, and environmental compounds affect our lives.

New Drug Development

Drug manufactures are...