Latest Barcode Scanner LV3000H Pro for OCR/MRZ

The barcode scanning module is also called the barcode scanning engine. It is a core recognition component widely used in the field of automatic recognition. It is one of the key parts for the secondary development of the barcode scanner. And can be written into various industry application function programs as required. It has small size and high integration, and can be easily embedded in mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, assembly line equipment, medical equipment, and other industries.
Our company has recently developed a cost-effective fixed barcode scanning module LV3000H pro , which is a red laser cross positioning scan, which can support ordinary 1D and 2D barcode reading, and can also scan some special barcode , Such as PDF417, engraving codes, OCR barcodes commonly used on foreign ID cards, etc.

At the same time, this latest scanner has a fast scanning speed, which is very suitable for scanning mobile barcodes on the assembly line, and also for scanning barcodes with small size. Its IP rating is IP54. If dustproof and waterproof performance is needed better, we can also configure IP68 rated housing.
Recently one of my customer ordered 5pcs to test firstly and they ordered 150pcs our old type LV3000U,once LV3000H test well, they will order more 3000H to replace 3000U because 3000H is the latest updated type, scanning performance is much faster.

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