Content Strategy Not Working? Here are the 6 Reasons Why

Click on any blog related to content marketing and you will read “Content is the king” somewhere mentioned there. Content with the right content strategy helps you build your brand, make it visible to your audiences, boost customer trust, increase conversion rate, and even close sales. But does this ‘king’ bring everyone the same profits? Here is your content strategy not working? Here are six reasons why.
Today, we see every one creating content, and over 70% of the marketers are even actively investing to scale content marketing . But the sad truth is — not all of these marketers are happy with the results they see.
In the majority of the cases, it is not the content that is to be blamed. It is rather the content strategy.
Despite putting in all the efforts to make the content work, many still see their content lost somewhere in the deep dark digital abyss.
With minimal views, zero interaction, no engagement, and certainly no conversion, the dream of dominating the world with your content could instantly turn into a nightmare. But there is a ray of hope that will pull you out from failing at your content strategy.
Here is a blog that will tell you the main reasons why your content strategy is failing and how you can fix the strategy to succeed.
Because You Are Writing for the Bots and Not Humans
One of the biggest mistakes that most of the companies make when following a content strategy is that they focus too much on making their content rank than making it interesting. Google bots have become super smart and would automatically rank your content if it is loved by the people.
If your target audiences are not able to connect with what you write — it will be of no value to your company.
You will never be serving your target audience if you stuff your content with keywords, key phrases, and links.
Check for your content strategy.
Is it totally backed by keyword analysis and nothing else? Are you just churning out new content every other day to make sure your keywords rank?
If that’s the case, your content strategy is never going to work. Here are some mistakes in your content strategy that are taking you down.

Writing just enough (300 words) to fulfill Google guidelines without covering the complete topic.
Unnecessary stuffing the content with long and short tail keywords that make no sense to the reader.
Hyperlinking the content with just the service or product rather than linking it to informative pieces.

Quick Fixing Tip:
While writing content, you need to ensure that it is written with humans in mind and only optimized for search engines.

Create content that is catering to the needs of your readers and is still optimized for search engines .
Make sure it has at least 1,890 words. This way, it covers the complete topic and also makes Google web crawlers...