These apps are a must for every college student

Here are some of the best apps to help you make the most out of your college studies.

It's that time of year again — the school year is about to start up once more. However, things may be a little different this year, with a lot of campuses doing online classes when possible. You'll need an arsenal of powerful apps to help you get through each semester or quarter, so here are some of our favorites!

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers
Microsoft Office 365
iTunes U
Microsoft OneNote
Screens VNC

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

If you're in college classes, the chances are high that you're going to need a word processor, presentation creator, or spreadsheet application. And if you're working with your iPhone or iPad (or even a Mac), then there is nothing better than Apple's own suite of office software.

Pages is Apple's word processor that does all of the same things that you can find in Microsoft Word, but in a sleeker interface that is easy to use. Keynote is like PowerPoint, but much more streamlined and fun to use. And Numbers is just like Excel, so you can create spreadsheets to your heart's content. And all three of these programs can save files that are compatible with Microsoft Office as well, if you need to submit files online as a .doc file or similar, for example.


Free at App Store

Create research papers, resumes, digital books, posters, and much more with ease.


Free at App Store

Impress the class with standout presentations in Keynote.


Free at App Store

Make spreadsheets for all the data you need, complete with basic formulations, graphs, and charts.

Microsoft Office 365

If you're used to Microsoft Office, or just don't want to use Apple's own software, then you can grab Microsoft Office. This app contains Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in one app, but you can also grab them individually on the App Store as well.

With the Microsoft Office app, you get Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in one place. You can create, edit, and even collaborate with others in real-time, but a Microsoft 365 subscription may be required to access some premium features. Still, you can use the app to view and create documents without paying anything.

Microsoft Office

Free with in-app purchases

This app contains Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in one place.

iTunes U

Even though you may have your own classes to worry about, there's nothing wrong with having access to some supplemental learning materials. That's where iTunes U comes in — and you don't even need to be going to college to make use of this one.

With iTunes U, you'll have access to a large collection of educational content in public courses from a...