Microsoft Surface Duo could launch as soon as next month

When Microsoft announced the Surface Duo last year , it said that the dual-screened Android device would launch during the holiday 2020 season. According to a new report, though, it'll actually be here much sooner.
The Surface Duo will reportedly begin shipping to customers the week of August 24. That's according to Windows Central 's Zac Bowden , who adds that production of the device is officially underway.
If the Surface Duo does begin shipping to consumers during the week of August 24, we could see Microsoft open pre-orders sometime in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't announced pricing for its upcoming device. Given its dual screen design, we wouldn't expect it to be cheap.

Surface Duo production has started and will begin shipping to customers the week of August 24th, I'm told. Should be less than a month to go now!
— Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) July 29, 2020

The two screens on the Surface Duo each measure 5.6 inches with a resolution of 1800x1350. There's a 360-degree hinge connecting the two displays that'll allow you to set them up in any position you'd like.
Microsoft will reportedly give the dual-screen device a Snapdragon 855 processor , 6GB of RAM, and a 3460mAh battery, and the Surface Duo is expected to be offered in 64GB and 256GB storage options. It's said that there will not be a microSD card slot included. 
Finally, the Surface Duo will reportedly come equipped with a single 11MP camera, a fingerprint reader, and a USB-C port for charging. The device is expected to launch with Android 10, but Microsoft will allegedly update it to Android 11 fairly quickly.
Microsoft's Surface Duo is an interesting device for a few reasons. First is that it's being made by Microsoft, who hasn't made a smartphone since ditching Windows Phone a few years ago . The Surface Duo is also a different take on the foldable phone trend that we're seeing in smartphones lately, giving you two separate displays rather than one big foldable screen.
While it may not be the most high-end device around, we're looking forward to trying the Surface Duo and seeing what Microsoft can do when it's making a new piece of Android hardware. Are you interested in the Surface Duo?