NVIDIA Breaks 16 AI Performance Records in Latest MLPerf Benchmarks

NVIDIA delivers the world’s fastest AI training performance among commercially available products, according to MLPerf benchmarks released today.
The A100 Tensor Core GPU demonstrated the fastest performance per accelerator on all eight MLPerf benchmarks. For overall fastest time to solution at scale, the DGX SuperPOD system , a massive cluster of DGX A100 systems connected with HDR InfiniBand, also set eight new performance milestones. The real winners are customers applying this performance today to transform their businesses faster and more cost effectively with AI.
This is the third consecutive and strongest showing for NVIDIA in training tests from MLPerf , an industry benchmarking group formed in May 2018. NVIDIA set six records in the first MLPerf training benchmarks in December 2018 and eight in July 2019.
NVIDIA set records in the category customers care about most: commercially available products. We ran tests using our latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture as well as our Volta architecture.
The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD system set new milestones for AI training at scale. NVIDIA was the only company to field commercially available products for all the tests. Most other submissions used the preview category for products that may not be available for several months or the research category for products not expected to be available for some time.
NVIDIA Ampere Ramps Up in Record Time
In addition to breaking performance records, the A100, the first processor based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, hit the market faster than any previous NVIDIA GPU. At launch, it powered NVIDIA’s third-generation DGX systems, and it became publicly available in a Google cloud service just six weeks later.
Also helping meet the strong demand for A100 are the world’s leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Baidu Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Tencent Cloud, as well as dozens of major server makers, including Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Inspur and Supermicro.
Users across the globe are applying the A100 to tackle the most complex challenges in AI, data science and scientific computing.
Some are enabling a new wave of recommendation systems or conversational AI applications while others power the quest for treatments for COVID-19. All are enjoying the greatest generational performance leap in eight generations of NVIDIA GPUs.
The NVIDIA Ampere architecture swept all eight tests of commercially available accelerators. A 4x Performance Gain in 1.5 Years
The latest results demonstrate NVIDIA’s focus on continuously evolving an AI platform that spans processors, networking, software and systems.
For example, the tests show at equivalent throughput rates today’s DGX A100 system delivers up to 4x the performance of the system that used V100 GPUs in the first round of MLPerf training tests. Meanwhile, the...

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