Speaking to your Audience through Video

The purpose of this article is not to convince people that they need an animated video. There are many corporate video templates to choose from. Rather it’s purpose is to convince people to be objective when discovering the style framework of their project, and to ensure that their video is successful.

Marketing is expensive and time consuming if you do not have the right resources and budget. This is where explainer videos come in – relatively inexpensive, self-marketing and require minimal equipment to be completed. Easy and effective.

Starting to look at investing in an explainer video may be confusing at first. This is normal, that is why this article is here. You will find the right video production company for you!

Although animated business videos are widespread, there are many different styles and designers to choose from, and new content and illustrations being created all the time. From character design, to colour palette, transitions or unique way of using light, it takes the right investment in the best animation to create a noteworthy video.

The agency’s messaging structure is another thing to look at. A successful animation requires a compelling story for a base – so when researching and looking over a portfolio make sure you are reading into the story that the animation is telling. Are the product or service’s details made obvious by the corporate video production story line? Does it remain high level, or stay basic?

Ideally you want video content that excites you. A creative partnership that gels from the start is highly sought after and will ensure that your business’ personality is portrayed through that company’s content. On the other hand, a talented production crew should also be able to modify their style to meet your needs. It is however much easier to work with a crew that is already proficient in the style of content you require for your brand.

What follows next is to schedule a kick-off meeting and planning meetings with the corporate video production services company to determine how they will help you create your content. This is where you will share your ideas, and in turn decide how the content will compliment your organisation’s overall marketing strategy.

These meetings are where you will gain insight into the type of video your company needs, as well as establish which visual elements and messages will be used to pique the interest of your target group and their concerns.

If you have a particular style of animating in your head, you will want to discuss this with your partner company as most already have their own signature style. Together you can work with different character designs, in order to try realising your vision.

Lastly the production company’s team should never sit idle. If they are not offering you their best and coming up with ways to meet your unique needs, then they may not be a viable partner....